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March 17, 2020 5:00 PM

Village Offices Closures due to COVID-19 virus

Friends, Neighbors and Guests of Angel Fire,

Due to the now two (2) confirmed cases in Taos/Taos County, the Village will be implementing additional protective measures for our staff, families and the community to further mitigate potential spread of the virus. Again, please keep in mind that this is not about spreading fear but rather our social responsibility to limit community spread, keeping ourselves healthy and meeting our Village responsibilities and duties

Effective Wednesday, March 18, 2020 and until further notice:

All public access to Village offices will be restricted in the following manner:

-Village Hall will be closed to the public. All transactions will be conducted either by phone, on-line or by other electronic means. Appointments may be made but must be substantiated and approved by the Village Manager. Signs will be posted on all entrances to include contact information for the departments.

-The Visitors Center will be closed to the public until further notice. Personnel will be available by phone or other electronic means to answer any questions, assist our visitors and residents with information and will continue to update the Village social media accounts. Signs will be posted on the entrance.

-The Community Center will be closed to the public until further notice. Personnel will be available by phone or other electronic means to answer any questions and assist our visitors and residents with information. We recommend outdoor activities, in groups of 10 or less, such as Frisbee golf, hiking, jogging, biking, basketball and playground activities. We have spoken with the Resort and will update the public with additional outdoor activities as they become available.

-The Village Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) will be closed to the public until further notice. Appointments will be accepted for any transactions that can not be completed on-line. The MVD clerk will be available by phone to assist in transactions and to make appointments when necessary.

-All non-essential personnel will be working modified hours, shifts and modified duties.

-All first responder personnel (Fire, EMS, Police) will adhere to social distancing guidelines whenever possible to include briefings, meetings and shift changes.

-All training events are cancelled through April 17th.

-The Streets and Public Works Departments (Water, Wastewater, Solid Waste) shall implement social distancing guidelines and conduct all meetings and briefings in open air spaces (outdoors or in the bays). Employees to include equipment operators who normally work alone will continue the same practice and work hours as normal.

As for extra precautions and reminders:
1. ALL employees shall clean their work stations, personal workspace, vehicles and assist in the cleaning of flat surfaces and public/multi-personnel work areas at regular intervals to include start and close of business.
2. Continue to follow all Department of Health and CDC recommendations of personal hygiene, cough etiquette and social distancing.
3. If you have cold or flu symptoms (especially respiratory) please stay home! Additionally, if you have additional mild symptoms that may be related to COVID-19, DO NOT go to a health clinic or emergency room. If you are experiencing moderate to severe symptoms, Call 911.
4. If you cannot get through to the NM DOH hotline (855-600-3453) call Taos Holy Cross hospital at 575-751-5835 or the Moreno Valley Healthcare Clinic (575-377-3301) to report and seek guidance. Avoid public areas and stay away from others. Wash your hands often, use cough etiquette, and avoid touching your face and eyes
5. Take care of yourself. Build up your immune system. Eat healthy. Drink LOTS of water and get the rest you need to stay healthy.
6. Exercise in a fresh air environment, to include walking.
7. Use cough etiquette and hand hygiene (frequently) and try not to touch your face or eyes
8. Ensure the areas that the public visits are stocked with hand sanitizers or hand soap for use and offer that use to our visitors.
9. Disinfect your countertops and desks 2 to 3 times a day and pitch in to clean the common spaces in your work areas. Be sure to especially clean those areas around you that you most commonly touch like phones, dry erase markers, keyboards, your mouse, etc)
10. Please take extra precautions if you are high-risk individual
• High-risk individuals are older adults and people who have severe chronic medical conditions like heart, lung, kidney disease or diabetes.

Additionally, we are recommending the following for each of you, your families and the community:

-Limit travel outside of the community to essential trips only
-Encourage support of local businesses, utilize take-out and delivery services versus dine-in at our restaurants. All open restaurants are operating at or below 50% capacity to maintain social distancing, bar tops are closed. Some have gone to only take-out and/or delivery.
-If you go to the store, make a list of necessities, get-in and out while practicing social distancing. Wash ALL handled materials once you return home.
-If you have underlying health conditions, stay home as much as possible. Create a network of friends/family/neighbors and look out for each other, especially those who may not be able to got to the stores.

PLEASE, Do NOT participate in the local rumor-mill. Obtain information from official sources only. Chief John Murtagh is the Villages designated Public Information Officer regarding COVID-19. All of our official public information sites will only contain information as updated by Chief Murtagh. Please do not post or share unofficial information as there are already numerous hoaxes, scams, and dangerous postings being shared by both malicious and well-meaning individuals. The Village must have one voice and factual messaging to our public and that is the Chief’s duty. Please distribute the information released by the Chief widely, but only what he has released and without further comment or additions.

M J MITCHELL, Village Manager

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